It’s really simple.

My Personal Stack

CMS: WordPress

Yes. I prefer WordPress because it’s what I know best. But still do feel whatever you feel comfortable with. But don’t get mistaken with the .com and the .org version.

ALWAYS use the .org version and get separate hosting.

Hosting: Kuna Host

Well… obviously. Since I own the hosting business. A small one, but infinitely scalable for me. Kuna Host uses the traditional cPanel as a backend but is focused on WordPress users.

Keyword Tools: Ahrefs & UberSuggest

Ahrefs is a bit pricier and not recommended when you just starting out.

But I would still recommend either Ahrefs or SEMRUSH when you’re more seasoned in blogging.

In my Keyword Golden Ratio Guide, I advise beginners using Ubersuggest, and until today, I would still recommend it and buy a $ 120-lifetime deal or basic subscription plan.

The data differs from the other ones, but is still a great a benchmark for ideation and your first year of niche blogging.

I made it clear in my own KGR guide that I am no fan of Neil Patel but I do think that his KW tool is still a great deal for all bloggers that are entering their first year of blogging.

I run too many blogs to only depend on this tool and Ahrefs is just what I feel most comfortable working with.

Writing: Obsidian & MS Word

I use Obsidian for distract-free writing and copy the final text into a Word Document for backup.

I do use the premium version for Obsidian and a paid subscription for MS Office but you can do the same with simply Google Docs.

Google Docs unfortunately and anything from the Google app suite tilts me too hard to use and I buy convenience over dealing with headaches. Nonetheless, it’s great for anyone. Just not for me.

AI Writing Tools: Koala Writer

I want to stress that I do NOT use an AI writing tool for writing the content but rather for inspiration. I have a strong stance about the use of AI (currently) with content.

At first, I found Koala Writer being too hyped up by niche bloggers but I had a change of heart once I started using it more.

That said, I am testing dozens of newcomers but the deliverables are the same. It’s just packaged differently with barely any improvement.

SEO Technicals: Screaming Frog

Probably one of the very few tools I would keep defending forever.

Been using them since 2011 or so and by far the best, if not the most lean application that does what it says it does and never changed its core functions ever.

I use it for spotting URL errors, checking META titles and URL structure plus other more in-depth technicals.

I am always surprised how undervalued and unspoken Screaming Frog is.

The good news is that the Free version allows you to crawl 500 URLs. Which is plenty enough for starting niche blogs.

Pen & Paper

Yes. Totally undervalued but I do still write some ideas on pen and paper. Especially quick keywords or possible subjects I want to write about.

It also helps me to reduce some screen time and focus on the immediate topic at hand. I would use my handwritten notes to dump/rewrite them in Obsidian before conceptualizing them.

URL Tracking:

I use Monday, but that might be too expensive for many when starting. You can achieve the same results by building a table/database in Notion or Excel.

It’s handy to keep track of your published content, and URLs and possibly change the SEO titles over the content titles before altering them on the website. Plus I can possible add media assets and store them on the Monday server in the same table. Much easier than cluttered folders and not knowing what is what.

SEO titles can be different from your blog posts, and it’s always better to document them in a separate sheet or platform.

WordPress Plugins

I use

  • Rank Math
  • Site Kit By Google but only for Google Search Console (NO Google Analytics)
  • Loginizer for Login Attempts


Currently TBD. After GA4, I am still unsure what to use. Been testing multiple Analytics tools such as HotJar, Pirsch, or Plausible.

If you tend to stay for free Analytics, I see no problem using GA4. I am just not a fan.