Is Seo Needed Forever?

I might forget to mention, but SEO is a chore and it’s a boring process. Or wait, I said that right?


There is a reason why so many businesses outsource SEO to an agency or freelancer.

Because it’s a CHORE. A DRAG.

I wanted to point this out earlier, but it would not make sense.

You as a business owner should exactly tell the SEO expert to the letter what YOU want.

This is why I would urge beginners to go DIY first and outsource once they have an understanding of what you want.

Fuck SEO

That’s right. You will say that at some point. Because SEO is like DNA. An landscape that constantly evolves, adapts and requires changes.

It requires revisions of old content, new content, and optimizations left and right and once you did those, you can start over because a few idiots on the planet decide to change the algorithm.

But that’s not the worst. That’s all manageable.

It’s the time to value ratio that is important and critical.


SEO is an ongoing process. Blogging for your business is an ongoing process.

Once you start today, there is ZERO turning back.

How many times have you experienced abandoned company blogs that posted years ago and never looked back?

Because SEO is an ongoing changing factor, so is your competition.

If you think you invented fire today, guarantee tomorrow someone else will show up and shoves that fire up your ass with a better version.

Do you start with a company blog for the sole purpose of ranking and obtaining authority? Then plan ahead. You need to keep going.

It’s a big responsibility.

I see people tweeting 24/7 and complaining they can’t lift their business off the grounds, instead, they should be doing this.



One of the biggest mistakes I witness is the inconsistency or frequency of published posts.

Some write 30 blog posts and post them all in a short period of time, and then… crickets. Nada. Like it never existed.


What you should do

  • It’s better to write one per month and be consistent for years than to write 30 and ghost your blog.
  • Make a simple content plan and plan 6-12 months ahead of time
  • Slowly build up your blog, and scale overtime
  • BE CONSISTENT. Pick a date and time and publish every week/month or 2 weeks at the same time. Search engines LOVE consistency. They will value yours more doing it every time like clockwork than someone posting volume and drop out.
  • Know your limits. If you need to wear many hats at the same time, plan your SEO efforts
  • Start outsourcing once you understand how this shit works (KGR)


Yes, there is no shame in outsourcing your company blog.

But there are criteria. I recommend the following:

  • Find someone that can RESONATE with your business
  • Find someone that has experience in your vertical
  • Find someone that needs to write and write only

You simply tell them: I need a blog post about X keyword with X guidelines.

There is NO need to bother each other about the technicalities and stupid shit in SEO.

Just don’t.

Let writers write and do their thing. Don’t talk about SEO or any nonsense. Your writer will produce much better results because they can focus on the choice of words, creativity, and foremost the ability to put humans first.

SEO isn’t about ranking (perse), it’s about providing valuable information for your readers in a short period of time.


And let’s not ignore the sleeping dragon, BING.