What Length Should My Blog Post Be?

Now that you understand the dummy-proof model of Keyword Golden Ratio, it’s time to tackle one of the largest debates in SEO.

Blog posts for SEO, how long should they be?

SEO experts will tell you that long-form content is better than short-form. Others will tell you all the fucktardish stuff like keyword mentions in a blog post, or headers and paragraphs and yada yada yada.

Well, there is plenty of on-page SEO I can bore you with, but you don’t need to know that now. Because you are a beginner.

There are VERY few things to know when starting out. And one of them is the length of a blog post.


My answer?


Your SOLE MISSION is to inform the reader as FAST as possible in what they are searching for.

There is NO point in writing a 2000-word article about a button from a pair of jeans that’s made out of a certain material.

People are NOT going to read a trilogy of stupid shit to just scroll down the bottom in an attempt of finding the answer.

When you write a blog post consider this:

  • Place the SHORT answer in the first paragraph of your blog post. If they want to know more, they can read all about it and most likely will keep reading.
  • People SKIM text. They don’t bother reading walls of text. They read short sentences and snippets of an entire article if it’s too lengthy.
  • If your blog post today is 300 words long, then so be it. As long as it’s solving their question
  • If the blog post requires 2000 words, then so be it

It all depends on the type/subject and audience you are writing for.

You are after all ALWAYS writing for humans first and search engines after.

The entire length of your blog post depends on your topic.

It’s normal if a how-to-guide let’s say about resetting your Mac with disk partitions takes a lot more writing than ‘How to restart your Mac.’

Imagine someone writing 2000 words about how to restart your Mac.


Would YOU read it?

Ratio and balance

I see too many stress about this issue. And they believe they HAVE TO meet 5000 word blog posts for the sake of getting there.

It will just DEVALUE your blog post. And your hidden gem you found in your KGR, became total garbage.


When you are a solopreneur and you believe you handle the content yourself, strike a balance between short content pieces that serve as a filler and write/publish your long-form pieces once every week or month.

Find the balance between topics, and the complexity of the topic, and make sure YOU can handle it.

Because ——- it’s an ONGOING responsibility.