Intro: Is SEO Boring?

I am no SEO expert, but I survived 17 years in this dumpster fire of a battlefield.

And when I say battlefield, I truly mean that. The ongoing changes making it virtually impossible to master the craft of SEO or search engine optimization. Anyone who says SEO is exciting are total idiots. 

It’s an utterly BORING process and requires a lot of attention. You have more fun watching paint dry than doing SEO 24/7.


But it doesn’t mean it’s not manageable.

A few days back, I spotted a post from Dan on Twitter. A person who’s building awesome stuff, and I don’t understand half of what he’s doing. Because it’s not my vertical. 

But at the same time, I understand enough what it’s all about and apply it in the most basic sense for my own needs.

And here we are because he was asking questions about SEO, and I felt there is just too much stuff out there for beginners or total rookies to fully grasp where to start.



Before we dive in, here are a few things you really need to remember before reading further:

  • I am writing this free-flow, and I have no clue how many grammar and spelling errors there are. I am no English native. 
  • Nothing is prepped. I am penning this down based on my observations and own experience.
  • My experience is based on the blogs I run and own, and should be used as a guidance, not as a set benchmark for future reference.

Who’s this for?

This short guide is meant for:

  • Dummies in SEO and have zero clue where to start
  • Indie or solopreneurs that are stuck on getting their shit together in blogging and brand equity
  • People that want honest opinions about SEO, instead of hearing them from an SEO expert that will glorify the task
  • People that are willing to do some DIY, but need some basic blueprint

So, let’s dive in shall we?