Final Thoughts

I can bore you with SEO on-page optimization and technical yada. But I am not going to.

People tend to forget that SEO is still a way to manipulate search engines to make them believe you ARE the best in the business.

If you want to find info about on-page SEO etc then it’s simple.

The web is cluttered with lots of info. But in a nutshell:

  • Use the title (KGR) and make it not too lenghty
  • Make sure you have incoming links to your blog posts
  • Make sure you can connect your blog posts or subjects together to build a storyline
  • Start your blog post with giving a short answer, explain the rest under the fold
  • Write for humans

I see NO reason what other shit beginners need to know.

It’s an educational learning curve for many and I believe just needs a small guide, and I am CONVINCED KGR, or Keyword Golden Ratio is the way to go.

There is NO need to have 39489494 tools when you can do it with less than a handful.

There is NO need to burn yourself a hole when it takes max than $200 dollar to get started.

You start with the uttermost basics I explained in this guide, and the rest will just make sense. You will be able to elevate your critical thinking process for SEO and before you know it, you can take a trip to money lane where I will be waiting for you with champagne and caviar.

You want?

If you believe this entire guide about noob SEO is helpful, I am happy to expand this mini project based on a whim and a Tweet and expand it into more detailed, advanced stuff.

Then go ahead and share the blog post.

Can you help me?

I can, but my time is limited.

On my normal days, I am very much active in finance, media, and e-commerce.

I used to consult for corporations that require pivots, urgent turnarounds, or basically companies that fucked up, and don’t know their own corporate DNA anymore.

I did it for startups, SMEs, and CEOs that need to get their shit together. All in all, I was more seen as a corporate fixer or scale consultant.

I am happy to help when I have time, but I can’t devote my time to a lot of specifics or details unless you’re going to pay the price.

But my hourly rates vary between $500 and $1000 dollars per hour.

So probably not an option?

Option number 2:

You can still send me an email with short questions, if I feel the answer is simple, I will reply. If it takes too much time, then I will tell you to either hire someone within your range or provide you quick resources so you can go DIY.

Can I show my appreciation?

Yes, you can.

I am right here on Twitter

You can just say thanks, and I am happy with it.


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