Expected Value In SEO & KGR

No, I am not talking about Enterprise Value. 

I am talking about EXPECTED VALUE. And it’s the closest I could come up with to make it as relatable as possible.


What’s EV?

Quote by Masterclass:

Expected value—commonly referred to as EV—is the long-term result of your decisions in a particular poker hand. It is your way to cut through poker’s blend of luck and strategy so you are able to see how profitable your decisions are.


Some people on Twitter know I am a semi-pro poker player in my free time. Playing mid to high-stakes tournaments, usually across Asia. 

It’s also the closest thing for me when it comes to off-screen alone time in a competitive landscape where everyone is trying to take the first place.

Sounds familiar in SEO?

Well, it’s pretty fucking similar.

So go back to the quote. And you will see where this is going. SEO is not different in making the right decisions with an effort to obtain a long-term result that will give you a certain value in return over time.

Discipline & Patience

Did I mention SEO is boring af?

Well, it really is. SEO is agonizing, irritates me 24/7 and it’s just a process that needs to be repeated over and over again.

The ones that win are the ones that have enough patience and discipline because they UNDERSTAND EV.

They understand that SEO is built on long-term plays.

It requires more patience than any other bracket in your business. There are (usually) no immediate results.

Not to mention that you’re at the mercy of search engines and their stupid shit doing idiotic changes for the better or the worse.

But just like in poker, you can cut through the luck factor much more when you understand SEO better and basically ensure yourself and your business that your decisions for the long-term are profitable.

The decisions you make today in your SEO can cause a huge impact on your future pivots, changes, or alterations in your strategy. 

More on that in that in the next article: