Keyword Golden Ratio


You’re new to SEO, and that can be frightening.

And you probably dug into endless advice by experts shouting about long tail keywords, low SD or KD and showcasing insane charts from Google Search Console.

Reality is, all the advice is too generic for beginners and I have yet met the expert that will talk about KGR (keyword golden ratio) in public.

Well, here it is.

A while back I wrote this guide for Twitter/X and it has been one of the most shared Tweets I ever wrote.

Even months later, people keep referring to it.

The guide was originally published on a different domain, and I decided to move it here for the following reasons:

I am trying to narrow down the amounts of domains used for blogs. (because I already own 700+ niche blogs)

This domain costs me $2000 per year in renewal fees for fuck sake.

Here is the full unedited guide that I wrote up in less than 4 hours for beginners dipping their toes in SEO.